A freebie's resource list (mostly related to programming)


UPDATE: This list is now deprecated. It’ll recieve minimal maintenance, if there’s any. Any new updates are now actively developed in my new freebies resource site.

This is a free resource list that gradually grew over the past few months. Admittedly, I don’t use all of them so why not just share it, right?

Just pick a few, don’t be overwhelmed by the number of resource you have to refer to. Focus on one thing at a time. Well, the list is actually longer but I decided to pick the top contenders of the list (and some of them are still not being used, I just like to bookmark stuff and never checking out again sometimes).

Do keep in mind, most of them are related to computer programming but some of the providers offer stuff outside of programming (say Khan Academy for math).

Online Education Resources

  • Adobe Education Exchange β€” free courses offered by Adobe and its community

  • Brilliant β€” kind of like those MOOC but they teach you through solving problems

  • Codecademy

  • Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources β€” you can find it here for the most part if you want the open educational resources (OER)

  • Coursera β€” (recommended)

  • CS50 Course by Harvard University β€” (very much recommended); a very good introductory course on computer science in general, just take it easy and follow the schedule then you’ll be fine; I also recommend to take it with friends or a study group too, much easier unlike the way I took πŸ˜₯, but still doable with solo

  • edX β€” (recommended)

  • fast.ai β€” free courses on machine learning, ooooh yeah

  • freeCodeCamp β€” (recommended); project-based curriculum for web development

  • IXL β€” an educational resource and learning site on K-12 curriculum

  • Khan Academy β€” (recommended); there are also other topics outside of programming (i.e. mathematics, physics)

  • Learn X in Y Minutes β€” a community-created repository of summaries for you to learn the X programming languages

  • LinkedIn Learning β€” eLearning platform of LinkedIn

  • Microsoft Virtual Academy β€” yup, Microsoft has their own learning platform

  • MIT OpenCourseWare β€” (recommended); contains courses from a lot of subjects; you also might want to check out their OCW Scholar Courses wherein they are essentially more in-depth versions of the usual courses

  • MongoDB University β€” official courses from MongoDB

  • Online Stanford Courses

  • Open Educational Resources β€” self-explanatory as to what their content is about

  • Open Yale Courses

  • Scrimba β€” (recommended); videos with interactive code

  • Siyavula β€” mathematics- and science-focused open educational resources

  • SkillShare β€” almost like Udemy, almost like Udemy

  • Teach Engineering β€” well, it’s a educational resources site containing engineering stuff

  • The Odin Project β€” similar approach to freeCodeCamp

  • Tutorials Point β€” (recommended); a good overview on a bunch of programming languages

  • TutPlus β€” a bunch of tutorials and courses

  • Udacity β€”most, if not all courses are focused on technology

  • Udemy β€” HINT: they are discounted for almost all-year round; I also recommend to only look out for the top courses since there’s a lot of cluttering stuff in there

  • W3Schools

  • Wolfram MathWorld

Academics-focused Sites


  • DevDocs β€” (very much recommended); a site wherein official documentation of different languages can be found; there’s also an offline version of it if you are lacking of internet speed (like me)

  • GitBook β€” easier finding for documentations

  • MDN Web Docs β€” (very much recommended); if you’re trying to learn web development and programming in general, this can be a hub for it


Katas (Practice Sites)

  • /r/dailyprogrammer

  • Coderbyte

  • Codewars β€” (recommended)

  • Euler Project β€” (recommended, if you want to be more challenged); has more focus on applying mathematical concepts than programming

  • Exercism β€” a site that focuses improving you through the mentor-mentee model

  • HackerRank β€” (recommended, if you want to be more challenged)

  • Pramp β€” you get to practice some programming interview questions and it’s free








YouTube Channel

Operating Systems (yes, some of them are free)

Linux β€” overwhelming majority of them are free and open source

  • Arch Linux β€” not recommended for beginners

  • Fedora β€” kind of similar to Ubuntu

  • Linux Mint β€” (recommended for beginners)

  • Manjaro β€” another one of the beginner-friendly distro

  • OpenSUSE β€” available in two distinct versions: Tumbleweed and Leap

  • Solus

  • Ubuntu β€” (recommended for beginners)

Programming Tools

Offline IDE

  • Eclipse β€” Linux alternative; also has Windows version

  • Jetbrains β€” (recommended); has an assortment of tools for different programming languages and environment; also has support for students so you can apply for an educational pack, if you’re eligible

  • Visual Studio (IDE) β€” (recommended); Windows-only

Online IDE

  • Codeanywhere

  • CodeSandbox β€” (recommended); really acts as a solid online alternative in case you want to work on the go (mostly, for JavaScript-oriented web development)

  • Codepen β€” focuses on the front-end dev’t

  • Repl.it β€” has stronger support for a back-end dev’t

Text Editors

  • Atom

  • Vim β€” I have no words for this, yet

  • Visual Studio Code β€” (very much recommended); platform-agnostic (found on Windows, Mac, & Linux)

Web Browsers


  • Discord β€” client messenger

  • Pidgin β€” also a client messenger

  • Slack β€” (recommended); a very good chat client between teams

  • Thunderbird β€” (recommended); e-mail client

Productivity Tools

  • A Soft Murmur β€” an ambient noise generator with a lot more sounds than rain

  • LastPass β€” cloud password manager

  • MedleyText β€” Evernote but targeted towards developers

  • Notion β€” distraction-free app for taking notes in Markdown

  • Rainy Mood β€” lets you focus through the ambience (if you’re the type who find rain to be relaxing)

  • Trello β€” a project management tool


  • Calibre β€” an e-book library management tool

Mathematical Tools

Platforms For Your Future Apps

Stock Resources

Other Stuff

  • Canva β€” why not create your own creative designs

  • Coolors β€” (recommended, if you are in design); color scheme generator

  • Creative Market β€” free creative stuff weekly

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

  • cdnjs β€” (recommended, if you’re in web dev’t); CDN for web-related libraries

  • Cloudinary β€” mostly images and video CDN; also has image and video manipulation

  • Staticaly β€” CDN that serves files from different repo (BitBucket, GitLab, GitHub, and even GitHub gists) with the proper headers

  • UploadCare β€” image CDN with image manipulation on-the-fly

Student Packs


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